Hi, I'm a passionate

full-stack developer.

I've been creating websites out of personal interest for over 6 years, which started with the basics of HTML, gradually leading into the freelance industry with international clients. In 2023 as a side-hustle, I registered my own business; Bespoke Web Dev, managing website development on an increasingly larger scale.

I've been progressive to gain more experience in backend development, fused with AI, ML using NodeJS, creating chat-bots and AI solutions for software. In the physical world, I enjoy creating practical products.

It's at my forefront to create meaningful digital applications that bring value to society on an international scale.

Featured in 2023




VisioneerList provides a medium for emerging, talented & unique businesses to gain recognition and exposure to potential employees, or customers & users.


Bespoke Website Design & Development


Bespoke Web Dev creates captivating, tailored websites for businesses worldwide. Our expertise and commitment to excellence have earned the trust of diverse clientele, fostering growth and a strong online presence.


My Environment

My full-stack experience pivots around my 6-year background in HTML, CSS & JS – comprising of both professional & hobbyist experience.

I've worked professionally with React, Typescript & NodeJS, attaining fundamental experience throughout the freelance industry and developing web applications for a diverse array of clients.

Framework/Languages I frequently work with

Bespoke Website Design & Development

Bespoke Web Dev offers consultation, design, development, and full deployment of websites. We strive to deliver modern, high-quality and reliable websites that help our clients achieve their objectives.

draindoctorllc - repeat client

"I am at a lost for the words. This has been the best experience I've had on Fivver. Cohen is the absolute best at web design and his other services. The communication was second to none.